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Oct. 25th, 2009

gill: redhead

Worst week ever

This was the worst week ever. And I'm not kidding! Thank God I skipped classes on monday (Tuesday was the city's holiday) or I think I would have gone mad!

On monday, Oct 12th, we had this seminar about Psychology in Health. My colleagues acted very childish and spend the entire class talking with each other and not paying attention to what the teacher was saying. I mean, c'mon, I was on the second row and I couldn't hear half of what he said. So, after break, the teacher spend 15 minutes asking them "Can I start my class?" but no one listened to him. Well, long story short: the man gave up and he abandoned the class, saying that we were terrible and we would complain about us.

So, do you want to know my opinion? I agreed with his decision. I know it's a pain in the ass to be on that room, sitting on those chairs for 4 entire hours, but, please, it started right in the beginning of the class. They really overreacted that time.

The problem was last monday, when the second seminar started with the teacher and the responsible for our course and the president of our college, who started complaining about us, saying that everybody already knew about our behaviour, and that we were desgracing the college's name (my opinion: pfffff... I tell you who's desgracing the college's name...) and that we would be punished for our actions.

First, they wanted to take five points from our result in the next Psychology exam. To everyone. Five points. I mean, I had a 14 in the last exam. Without those five points, I would have a 9. A F****** NINE!!!! Who the hell do they think they are?! But people started complaining it wasn't legal, and it wasn't fair to those who had been paying attention. So they gave up. Instead, the president (who's our Preventive Medicine teacher) decided that multiple choice exams were over in his class. Well, to me it didn't preoccupied me a lot, I prefer to write than to check little boxes (though I have no idea about my grades on those exams), but WHAT THE HELL?? It didn't happen on HIS class, why did he had to punish us on HIS exams? Then, it seems like he confirmed that the alteration on the last exam was because of this. I knew it...

Like you imagined, I almost fainted when I learned about all this when I returned back there on Tuesday night... --'

Then, on Wednesday, some colleagues managed to irritate the Preventive teacher again. Luckily, it seems like he's not planning to get revenge on all of us for what happened. When will people learn: they can kid around with some teacher, they need to behave decently with others?! Someday those teachers will lose their mind. And they will punish ALL the class!

On Thursday, I had my Pharmacology exam. Do you imagine the frustration: Wednesday's night I knew all the medication we needed to know, I knew for what they were used, I knew how they acted in the organism, I knew the effect they could have (good and bad), I knew how they were administrated, I knew practically everything. Still they managed to ruin my entire exam. It was like "Medication X can be administrated orally. True or false?" and I thought "Well, it's mainly inallated. How the hell am I supposed to remember if it can be taken orally or not?!". Or maybe everytime they used information not present in the book. Or possibly that time when they asked questions about stuff which only information we had was "There's not much known about these medications..."

So, I mean, I know we need to know these things. But, c'mon, how do you think doctors know all of these things? EXPERIENCE, people! They work for years around this and that's why everything becomes so normal for them! You know, I think it's very good that we can remember the general rules every exam. We have two weeks for study, TWO. And it's a lot of information. And we have two other classes at the same time. It's not easy, you know. We're not machines. But people don't understand. They don't know what it's like to have only two weeks to know all these details. So they keep calling us "fool", "lazy", "overreacted" and stuff. Maybe someday, when I'll end up at a mental institution, they'll say: "Oh, maybe she was right when she mentioned all those problems..."

At least he other two exams weren't as bad. The Preventive teacher, in the end, made a very decent exam. The Psychology one had  a few nasty questions, but maybe they're not enough to fail me. The worst part is that I always thought I could have a great grade at this class, and it probably ain't gonna happen. Oh, life goes on...

I'm now taking my weekend off and it's tasting sooooo good. Tod bad it's almost gone by now. I'm now trying to prepare myself for next week, which won't be better than the last. Actually, I think it will be even worse. I just hope I won't feel too desperate when I realize I won't have enough time to study all the things needed for next exams. At least, I try to hear my older colleagues: "Don't worry, by Christmas you'll all be able to relax... a little." XD  

I'm sorry for the huge post, but I really need to put all those things in the paper (?) once I can't talk to anybody (except my college colleagues), because no one understands what's going on in there.

I think I'm going now. Have a wonderful week and try to be happy. :)

Kisses and huggles to all of you,

Belinha ***

Oct. 20th, 2009

hp: emmawatson

Fics! Fics! Fics!

Shameless self-promotion:

Closure - Aprendendo a Dizer Adeus

Avisos: fanfiction não apropriada a menores de 13 anos.

Spoilers: PF, CdS, PdA, CdF, OdF, PM, TdM

Sumário: colectânea de drabbles relativas às duas guerras no mundo mágico. Porque morrer é fácil, o difícil é sobreviver…

Novo drabble adicionadoVitória

Próximo drabbleTarde De Mais


Rating: G

Summary: she was gone.

Extra: set in 1973. Pre-X-Files.

I really like to make drabbles... *-*

gill: yellow

Something wicked this way comes

I have a bad feeling about next week once again. I spent these last days studying Pharmacology, but I'm getting more and more stressed about the next exam. I guess it's because I recently found out that they changed the schedule (AGAIN!!) and the exam is now on Thursday and not on Friday. 

WHAT THE HELL??? People have plans for their study, do you know that?! We asked to have Psychology and/or Preventive on Thursday, since we need to have exams on that day. Not Pharmacology. WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS CHANGING THE RULES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME????

I'm getting more and more frustated everyday. They should cancel classes and we'd only have to go there for the exams. Then everybody would be happy. We don't learn anything at classes, they're a total waste of time, when will they understand that? 

I'm leaving tonight. Let's see what future holds for the next days.

Huggles and kisses to everyone. See ya as soon as I can!

Bel ***

PS - I was studying Psychology yesterday and I read that type A personalities have a strong tendency for heart problems. I was sure I wasn't a type A girl, but now I look at my stressed appearence and I'm starting to believe I was wrong...

PS2 - I'm so tired! Today I slept too much and woke up at 11 am. I didn't study AT ALL this morning (and afternoon, by the way, because I'm too stressed) and, worst of all, I missed TXF episode of today! ='( I don't even know which episode was. I'm afraid I might get disappointed again...

PS3 - I discovered that they're showing Sabrina, the Teenage Witch again on Saturdays. Five episodes until 3 am. Call me crazy, but I'm going to watch all of them, if possible! XD

PS4 - Yesterday, I found a bat on my balcony! O.o

Oct. 15th, 2009

hp: missgranger

For a while, part II

God, I'm sorry I didn't post on Saturday, but, you see, they changed our exams schedule: we were supposed to have all three exams on Friday (the 9th) but on Wednesday they changed the Psychology exam to Thursday and the Preventive Medicine teacher let us choose the day to realize our exam. In short, my colleagues wanted the exam to be on Tuesday (the 13th) and I spend the entire weekend studying that thing - for nothing, I can say. =/

I'm so tired of that place, for real. I mean, why do they always choose MY year to make experiences? Everybody knows that third year is the worst, why are WE the ones who need to twist to fix other year's schedules? O.o I don't get it, really. Besides that, they keep complaining that people get high grades on exams because they're the same from past years, but they refuse to make new questions (their excuse: we don't have time). So now we don't have access to the correction of our exams - it's like, you're expecting an 18, you have a 12 but you don't know why because they don't let you see what you've done wrong.

Tuesday, the 13th, was such a terrible day. The Preventive Medicine teacher said that the exam would be just multiple choices, but he changed his mind (without warning) and made a free answer test. Six questions for us to elaborate an answer. And they weren't difficult, but when your brain is prepared to a multiple choice exam, it doesn't work properly when they change the rules. He was really rude. And so was the other teacher, who kept complaining about our writing skills the entire time. Who does she think she is? The next class was just terrible - when will people learn that Power Point is a great tool WHEN USED PROPERLY?! It's just boring to death to be two hours listening to people who just read the Power Point presentation. And due to the long time wasted, I lost the bus and I only returned home yesterday.

I'm studying Pharmacology... again. I'm already late because I felt terrible yesterday, I had a nasty headache and I felt very sleepy. I should be studying by now, but I got dizzy and I decided to take a pause. I'm probably not making much sense now, but it's the plain truth, I swear! XD

I'm sorry I couldn't write more and more often. I'm going mad over that place. Hope it to be just a (bad) phase. 

See ya as soon as I can. Thanks for listening.


PS - OMG, I was invited to join a portuguese XF blog. How cool is that? =D Too bad I don't have much time to post in there...

PS2 - I couldn't post it anywhere else, so I'm posting it here: happy birthday to Felix, Gillian's baby number 3, who turns one today. So sweet... ^^

Oct. 5th, 2009

hp: oliver&katie

For a while

I simply would like to say that I'm still alive and well. A bit tired, but oh...

It's been some time, I know, and I'm sorry for that. I planned to write something after my first exams, but I spend the weekend out and I hadn't much time to post in here. I've been studying Pharmacology since last wednesday almost non-stop (my brain is a mess...), but I hope to post some more about my first... hum... four weeks at college next weekend. XD Not that people care about it, but I love to write about random stuff. XD

I should get a life. --'

Oh and by the way, remember when I said that school gives me inspiration to write fanfiction? Well, it's happening again. AND I DON'T HAVE ANY TIME TO WRITE THEM!!! So I'll try to relax and write some drabbles during those boring classes! :D

And you won't believe it: channel FX suddenly appeared at my home and guess what? THEY'RE SHOWING SEASON 1 OF THE X-FILES EVERYDAY!!! Season one, I mean... I don't watch season one since 2004! I've stopped studying for one hour at ten o'clock every morning just to watch that thing. Today I saw Ice. I can't believe I watched that episode so many times before and I never noticed that the female doctor working with them was Felicity Huffman! XD

Well, I'm going now. See you on Saturday, I hope.

Wish me luck! ^-^' 

Kisses ***

Sep. 11th, 2009

gill: emm97

Happy b-day

Yesterday, September 10th, the X-Files had their sweet 16!!! ^-^ Wow, I can't believe it has been 16 years already since the Pilot aired! Many congratulations to the cast and crew and I just want everybody to know: we still want believe! =D

And look this promo I found on YouTube! It's from the portuguese television, 1998. It's really good:

Ah, the good old 90s! =') Wish I could go back time...

I'm returning to college next monday and I'm not exactly ready for it. But I've received news from there today and I already know who's part of my study class. Can you believe that I have like half of the people I get along with in there? =D It's so wonderful! It will be like when we had  Gastrology classes again (or at least I hope so), those were some great, GREAT times! *-*

I really have some work to do over FanFiction.net - a new chapter, a new project and some fics to read. But it's so hot in here, with the pc on... God, I think I need to take an entire morning/afternoon to do such.

I'm going now. If I disappear for a while, you know the reason. Hope to see you before monday. If not...

Wish me luck! ^-^'



Sep. 8th, 2009

gill: laugh

A new meme

The meme goes as follows: Comment, and I will give you a person. Find a picture of that person for each category. Post the results in your journal.

lovely_treasure  gave me Gillian Anderson (who else? :D)

Read more...Collapse )

Sep. 6th, 2009

gill: yellow


I already have a bed and a desk at my new home in the city where I study. Things are slowly falling to their place, I think. My bedroom in there is still a mess, with things all over the place, but mom says she'll help me when classes start. :)

I can't believe it's coming so fast now. Third year, fourth in college... I'm so old! O.O 

I'm in the mood to watch DVDs I don't have, like The X-Files: Season 1 or Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Bah... with so many DVDs in here, why should I want to watch the ones I don't have?! =P 

I'm going now. It's already September but it's still too hot and my brain is melting down! Have fun!

Kisses! ***


Sep. 4th, 2009

iwtb: mulder&scully

Summer vacations (Part IV)

I'm back! =D 

I had a really good time at the beach. Being away for only one week is so much better than two. You know, other years always end up in the same way, the routine gets so annoying and everyone can't barely wait to return home. This year it didn't happen.

The beach was great. We went to Foz do Arelho (a Wikipedia picture in here), which was a really good and calm place. We could actually swim in there because we were in the confluence of a lagoon and the ocean. The wheather was great, not very hot during day and a little cold at night (which I really like), and the house we rented was amazing. I even told my mom we should buy one of those houses to spend some weekends at the beach! XD

I would say I'm going to post some pictures in here, but I say that every year and I never post them. My sister has the photos and I never know where she has them until months later! *lol* 

So, now it's September and I'm about to return to college for my third year. My classes start on the 14th and I already made my inscrition. Let's see how this year will be! =P Right now I think I'll enjoy the end of my Summer vacations.

I'm working in a new HP fanfiction project, called Closure. It's a collection of short stories about the First and Second Wizard Wars in the books. I already wrote eight and I'm really happy with some of them. :)

I'm going now, expecting to return soon. Stay well! ^-^

Huggles and kisses to all of you!

Aug. 22nd, 2009

hp: emmawatson

Summer vacations (Part III)

I went to Fátima yesterday with my family. It was a really good day - though I was so tired at the end, I sleep way the way back.

We went to the Via Sacra (which I had never visited) and it was a great experience. We also visited the Wax Museum again, which I only saw when I was little girl (I'm glad to say I'm no longer scared of the station The Hell's Vision XD). My godson loved it and, as usual, he didn't give up before touching one of the wax figures! ^-^'

I'm just posting here to announce that I'm alive and that I'm leaving to the beach. So I won't be around from August 24 to August 31. I know you won't miss me, but I just like to keep everyone informed! XD 

So I guess I'll see you again in September! Have a lovely time until then! *-*

See ya! ***
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