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I am so sorry :(

I didn't forget this. Oh no... but things have been really complicated. Remember when I said that by Christmas the worst part would be over? Well, we were wrong. Terribly wrong.

Things have gone even worst after that. The ones "managing" (not even sure if this word exists) our year aren't ready for it. Things have been pretty chaotic these last months. Starting by Imagiology, which was completely renewed from last year, it gave us some pretty bad headaches back on the days - oh, and by the way, I failed the exam, even though I don't know why... the only good thing was the work, I managed to get an average of 10 at the subject. After that, Pathology, which was the most deorganized subject I ever had, with teachers (yes, teachers) skipping classes just because they could and forgetting that we're *students* on the process of learning, not *doctors* with many years of experience. The results have been pathetic.

Also, because of our crazy schedules, we started having exams every *week*, instead of the normal two, so I just have like three days (five, when we had those 14 chapters to read) to study for an exam. Like you see, it's been complicated - I'm starting to hate this word. I'm already taking some supplements to fight stress, or I think I would have been crazy by now. 

On the other hand, our teachers finally realized that things were really bad (they had almost 20 people in the risk of losing the year), so they decided to help us a bit. Our last two exams were very easy. But they already said that those results were a shame (HELLO, you were the ones who repeated the questions, remember? O.o) , so I don't even want to imagine the final Pathology exam this Friday. *shivers*

To finish this rambling in peace, my colleagues (who can be so adorable to some things and so stupid to others) asked to delay the Geriatrics exam - it should have been today -, so after Easter we'll only have two final exams to do, plus two other "normal" exams, four paper works and two presentations, in the middle of our traineeship in the hospital.


So, I'm so sorry I didn't manage to appear in here sooner than this and sorry for not posting comments on your ljs neither. Maybe in summer things will get a little easier. Because right now... oh boy, I'm happy for each day I manage to survive. =/

Hope everything is feeling great! Kisses to all and thanks for listening.

I'm off to Pathology. Heart failure, here I go! =P



Oh, Belz, nem sei que te diga :x
Só posso desejar-te as melhoras e maior sorte do mundo.

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