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So, I went to the movies...

(I'm sorry for the poster in portuguese, all the other ones were too big)
So, I went to the movies and now I'm annoying everyone because that's what I do everytime I'm hugely surprised with a movie! XD I wasn't very interested in watching Agora because I'm not a fan of historical movies and the information I had available wasn't very enthusiastic, but oh boy, what a movie!! It will make you think deeply about religion and the human nature, which, to be honest, is somehting that I love.

Besides that, it has a wonderful art direction, a fantastic soundtrack and great performances. Another thing I love: descovering talent in people I never heard of! ^^ Oh, and I had to control my nerd side once I saw George Harris in there, because I totally wanted to scream "KINGSLEY!!" once he appeared! XD

Oh, and that ending!! Jesus Christ, I almost passed out at the ending! O.O It was something so... I don't know what to say about it, my friends freaked out after it and we spend the entire night talking about it, but it was just perfect. One of best endings ever!

Can't wait to have this one at home. *-*

Oh well... I should start making movie reviews, with lots of spoilers and so on. Maybe in Summer.

Enjoy the trailer:



Wow, what a movie poster! I wanna watch it!!! :)
It's great, isn't it? :D You should totally watch it, it's really good.

I had heard of it before I went to the movies, but the words never got me very interested. Too bad, because it's really good. :)

Oh, March seems too far away, but you'll see it won't take that long! ^^ And at least you haven't missed it yet. :D

H&K ***
Belz, não comentei os teus últimos posts (isto anda complicado), mas li-os todinhos.
Espero que este ano de 2010 te corra pelo melhor, academicamente e não só. ^^
Quanto ao filme, está na minha wishlist. Acho que não veio cá à cidada (ainda)... O livro não conheço, mas talvez experimente ^^

Beijinhos e até breve*