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Handle With Care

(by Jodi Picoult)

"What if it was someone’s fault?"

When Charlotte and Sean O’Keefe’s daughter, Willow, is born with severe osteogenesis imperfecta, they are devastated – she will suffer hundreds of broken bones as she grows, a lifetime of pain. As the family struggles to make ends meet to cover Willow’s medical expenses, Charlotte thinks she has found an answer. If she files a wrongful birth lawsuit against her ob/gyn for not telling her in advance that her child would be born severely disabled, the monetary payouts might ensure a lifetime of care for Willow. But it means that Charlotte has to get up in a court of law and say in public that she would have terminated the pregnancy if she’d known about the disability in advance – words that her husband can’t abide, that Willow will hear, and that Charlotte cannot reconcile. And the ob/gyn she’s suing isn’t just her physician – it’s her best friend. (summary and image taken from here)

This book was my mom and sister's birthday present. It's a loving and tender story about a family like so many others around us. Like you can understand for sure, I can't tell you much about it without spoiling you, but you should take my advice and try it. It will make you think a LOT about many things - things that you probably don't think about too much.

And get ready for the end. I bet you'll never predict what is going to happen in the final pages.

Enjoy it! ;)



Yes, it does. It's really interesting and it gets even more interesting with the story.

You're welcome, sweetie! ;)

That sounds good. And I like Jodi Picoult's books a lot. Think this is a must read now. :)
Jodi's books are wonderful, I haven't read a book of hers that wasn't interesting. And I'm only missing two. ^^ She's great and the stories always make you think.

You should totally try this one too! ;)