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dd&ga: lapremiere

The first weeks

First weeks at college 2010.

Well, they were nasty, I think.

People had already told us that things would be terrible this year, but by Christmas the worst part would be over. I guess they weren't lying. I started 2010 with exams on Friday, I had final exams on Anatomical Pathology and Microbiology on the second week, and an oral exam last Wednesday. Microbiology was a huge surprise to me. Forgetting the third exam I had really good grades, I think. Let's see if the final exam was as easy as I think it was. AP, on the other hand, was a disgrace, like I thought it would be. At least I didn't fail at any exam - I think.

And you have no idea how terrible it was to have that oral exam. First, it was really bad to have an exam about Histology, because we have no basis on it. But it was much worse once the teachers told us that we would lose all our points if we failed it. Which means, we would have a zero (!!) on Anatomical Pathology. I spend four days terrible nervous about it, everyone was crazy on Tuesday, and I barely slept that night. Fortunately, the exam went fine - though I had only one diagnosis correct. Oh, who cares, I just needed one. XD

Wednesday was such a perfect day. After the exam I felt so good with myself, I cleaned up the house, I read a book and I went to the movies with my friends. Unfortunately, Thursday was terrible. We had some problems with one of the subjects, but it's a little complicated to tell you about them right now. We're still trying to work on this, hope things will get better. I just know that I got really stressed (again), cried (again) all night and wished (again) I had never applied to med school.  

My schedules changed. I spend the entire weekend without touching at a book (well, school book, I mean XD) because I won't have exams next week. I'll have to present a work about MRI and TC, but I'll try not to think much about it. This was a really good weekend.

Oh, and I found out I'm going to have another cousin. Yeay! =D

Well, I think I'm going now. Wish you all a great week and have fun, people!

See ya! **


Aw, sweetie! ^^ **huggles** I try to do that everyday. At least I have my good support!

Thank you so much for everything! =***