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So here I am, back after being "abducted" from here for a month. Gosh, people, I'm so sorry, but college has been driving me crazy. Again.

My final exames were terrible. Psychology had almost every question from our previous exams (that's why we can't see the correction) and Preventive Medicine was too long, it left me with a terrible headache. Pharmacology was a stupidity from the first question to the last. Can you believe they asked us for medication that we NEVER studied?!I had a 10, but I don't even know how!

I need to say, though, that we had really great results, I think. Only (cof cof) 28 people failed, and most of them with 8 and 9. I must said, we're the best year in that stupid college! They try to bring us down everytime, but they can't. Yeay... --'

Anatomical Pathology is a disgrace. We don't have the basic concepts in Histology to understand that thing and what annoys me the most is the fact that it seems pretty interesting. I don't even want to know my result in the latest exam. And please, we're learning everything in 4 weeks. Who can know everything in 4 weeks?!

Microbiology, on the other hand, was a surprise. I had a 15 on the first exam and I barely knew a thing. And I had a 17 on the second. Weeeee. Unfortunately, the third one was a tragedy. But it's okay, the other results will blind me on this one. XD

So, now I'm on vacations and I need to study Microbiology and Anatomical Pathology because we'll have exams on the first week of classes and the final exams on these two subjects in the next one. Great, isn't it? The last week was terrible in one way, everyone is feeling frustrated about college and my class had a huge fight for something really stupid, but it ended okay, I think. I'm feeling very lazy, I didn't do a thing last week, I don't even have the copies to study yet, and I hate to study during Christmas. There's so many things to do, once you realize it it's January and you're back to school!

Oh, and yesterday was my birthday! =D I had a really great day, all my friends sent messages, even some from college, and I got things I really needed. I have Jodi Picoult's latest book, woo woo! Can't wait to read it! *-*

So, I guess that's it for now. Once again, sorry for disappearing for so long, you know how I am. And I hope to post a little more during Christmas break, even though I need to study. See you all soon, I hope.

Huggles and kisses! ***


Happy belated birthday! (Are you on Facebook, btw?)

I feel very lazy too and I don't wanna study over Christmas, but unfortunately I have to. :(

Thank you! ^^
It's terrible to study during Christmas, we don't have time for anything! =( And no, sorry, I don't have a Facebook. I'm way behind everyone in what comes to new technologies! XD

And LOL, I just love your icon!! *-*

Thanks, and Merry Christmas! ***
YES!!!! WHEN WILL TEACHERS LEARN???????????????? O.O

Thank you, sweetie! Merry Christmas!

H&K! ***


Não sabia que fazias anos nestas altura, portanto, parabéns atrasados :)

E, já agora, quero desejar-te boa sorte para a universidade e congratular-te por teres vencido os teus "inimigos" ;*

Feliz Natal
=D Brigada! Pelos parabéns e pela sorte. Espero mesmo que o Ano Novo me traga algum descanso a esse nível! ^^'

Feliz Natal e espero que tenhas uma óptima semana! ***