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xf: faith

I still believe

I still believe that I will be strong enough to survive college. Everything will be okay and I will thank myself the fact that I didn't give up.

But at the same time...

WHAT THE HELL was I thinking when I chose medicine?! That choice was a suicide and people don't even get it!

I'm so sick and tired of that place. You have NO idea! I'm sick and tired of those classes that are nothing more than a waste of time, I'm sick and tired of those teachers, who have this special pleasure in ruining two weeks of hard study for their own joy, I'm sick and tired of those exams because I know things but I can't answer those questions, I'm sick and tired of people around me, who don't get that I'm tired, that I'm NOT complaining because I'm lazy, that I'm NOT complaining for nothing!

Now I get what that other guy said on tv: when people commit something stupid, they always give others signs... the others are the ones who aren't interested enough to notice them.

I can't wait for this week to be over. Maybe I'll feel a little better by then.

Glad to talk to you again. Kisses!



And WHAT THE HELL was I thinking when I chose law?!

Awww... I'm sorry that you don't feel that good. Things will get better. And I totally admire you for studying medicine. I'm totally jealous, seriously.
People should be born with chips carrying the information for their perfect job. Then everybody would be happy. I think. XD

I hope so. Because now I'm feeling pretty down, to be honest. :(

Thanks for comment! ***
Thank you, sweetie! **huggles**


Calm down, Belz!
A sério, eu imagino o stress que deves estar a sentir, mas tens de tentar pensar positivamente. Qualquer dia acaba o semestre... e já pensaste em mudar de faculdade?

Deduzo que sejas a Ireth, certo? XD
Eu tento pensar positivo, mas às vezes é muito difícil. :( Lol, eu não tenho semestres, só as férias de Natal e Páscoa, e vou mudando de módulos ao longo do ano. E não páro pelo meio. O meu método é completamente diferente. É por isso que eu não posso mudar de faculdade - ia ter de regressar ao primeiro ano e fazer tudo outra vez, e já estou a meio do curso. Aliás, diz quem mudou que depois de três anos naquele método, é muito complicado adaptar-se outra vez ao método tradicional.

E depois, eu admito, ia detestar mudar-me para muito longe de casa. Esse foi o principal motivo pelo qual estou onde estou. ^^'

Brigada pelo comment! ***