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iwtb: letittry

Some more stuff...


I'm tired. TIRED! I wonder if my teachers know the meaning of that word...

Last week I decided to relax a little and I kind of lost my mind. I had a dinner with friends at my home. I went to the "Latada" (wonder if there's a translation for that --') and to the Tunas festival. I skipped that stupid class on Friday afternoon.

There's no need to say I barely studied last week, right? Oh, nothing to worry about. I just have, what, ten more chapter to read for my next exams on Friday. There's no need to be stressed, right? 


I had lunch with my family today. It was wonderful and it really helped me to relax a bit. 

I guess I'm not making much sense tonight, but my neurons are kind of dead by now. Wish to add some more interesting stuff next weekend. Just wanted to tell you that I'm still alive. 

And happy birthday, Oscar! *-*Gee, I'm such a nerd... --'

Well, people, have a wonderful week. Hope to see you in some days. I think I'll go to bed now.



Well, Pharmacology was disgusting (again). But I had a nice grade on the other one. :)

Thank you, sweetie! **huggles**